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2019 Mayor's Cup is a Martial Arts Festival theme.  Events include Taekwondo Sparring, Traditional Poomsae, Freestyle Poomsae, Pairs and Team Poomsae, High Jump Kick, Long Jump Kick, Creative breaking divisions and Demo Team performance. It is the Northwest's Premier Martial Arts Festival.

2018 Poomsae Seminar with GM Soon Min Jang

Sat. & Sun. May 26 & 27th.

Poomsae Seminar, Training and Evaluation

Learn from one of the Best Poomsae Referee/Instructors in the Country!

To WIN in Poomsae you MUST have the Referee point of view!   - GM Soon Min Jang

5th  Annual Federal Way

Mayor's Cup

taekwondo poomsae seminar soon min jang
A  Taekwondo Championship to benefit our community and make America Strong.  One Black Belt At A Time! 


. Welcome to the Federal Way Mayor's Cup Taekwondo Championship.  This is a community charity event to benefit the Federal Way Police Department or a charity chosen by the mayor.  This benefit event is a "kids helping kids" theme for taekwondo students.  Competition  can be a very positive experience for students. Learning to prepare, train and be dedicated to improve every day towards their goals.  We want our students to have a service mind and give back to our community.  This championship is a culmination of both endeavors.

"Taekwondo Kids Helping Kids"TM

Saturday, May 11, 2019